In taberna quando sumus

by James Classen

Carl Orff and the poetry from Carmina Burana will be at the forefront of my mind for the next few days.

I am desperately seeking ways to reduce the activity in my dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (stress response center of the brain), and I’m aware that one method of doing so involves stimulation of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. My one previous attempt at doing so produced the opposite effect, but I’ve not encountered the same antagonism this time around. The stimulus required for my experiment, however, is unavailable for at least couple of weeks given my anticipated schedule:

  • Tuesday (last): work, choir rehearsal, bed
  • Wednesday: work, choir rehearsal, bed
  • Thursday: work, choir rehearsal, bed
  • Friday: work, concert #1, greet parents, bed
  • Saturday: gardening, interior decoration, concert #2, bed
  • Sunday: see parents off, concert #3, pack
  • Monday: go to ICE Corporation in Manhattan, Kansas, troubleshoot (fix?) environmental test equipment
  • Tuesday: ditto
  • Wednesday: ditto, leave Manhattan for Olathe
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner with the family (along with requisite traditions, e.g. watching the parade, football games, etc.)
  • Friday: visit any relatives I didn’t see the day before
  • Saturday: relax? Not likely.
  • Sunday: return to Manhattan…
  • Monday: more work in Manhattan
  • Tuesday: ditto
  • Wednesday: back to Wichita? Work on document here?
  • Thursday: work, work, more work, bed
  • Friday: work, RPG?, bed
  • Saturday: Can a guy catch a break? This is the first time I expect to have the slightest bit of free time (and be at home) over the course of the next three weeks. I love my family and all, but there’s nothing like doing nothing in the comfort of your own home.

In an ideal world, the “document” I mentioned would be done already, I would be taking three days of vacation next week, spend a day, two at the most, in Manhattan, and clear my plate of the temp control project before the beginning of December. But it ain’t an ideal world. So I’ll retreat into a good book every chance I get between now and the end of the year in an effort to stay sane. Nothing against the authors of the short stories in Pump Six, but it’s nice to have a coherent storyline, thus my purchase of Elantris.

See you in three weeks!