All I Want

by James Classen

This’ll be short. I think. My laptop is, frankly, minuscule, and has a distinct lack of power. If I was running Windows, I could do fancy things like watch Netflix or Hulu on a whopping 10″ screen, but instead I’m relegated to watching it all in TD (tiny definition) on my phone.

For those that are unaware, I’m in Manhattan, Kansas this week troubleshooting an issue on a vendor’s production line which is holding up deliveries. Things aren’t going well there, either.

Anyway, my phone’s battery was nearly drained, so I decided I’d get my Kindle and read some of the Mistborn trilogy (just started). However, it’s nowhere to be found. Either the hotel staff swiped it intentionally (seems strange to take that and leave the computer) or it got swept up with bedsheets or something (seems strange to change the sheets and leave the pillows on the floor, though). Whatever the case, I’ve searched the room, and it doesn’t seem to be here. If I can’t find it by the time I check out, and it hasn’t been turned in to the lost and found at the front desk, the hotel is liable (according to a clearly posted sign) for up to $250. But it’s the hassle that’s a bigger issue than the money. If I do have to get it replaced, it’ll be my third Kindle in 4 weeks—not a very impressive track record.

Another thing Windows would allow me to do is connect to the network at Cessna, where I could be of use working on a different project. I should have grabbed the Cessna laptop from ICE, at least for the evening, but their evening shift has already gone home.

And I’d be rid of these annoying messages about Flash being out of date. Adobe! Citrix! Netflix! Hulu! Get your acts together! I want to be able to use Linux on a netbook! You can’t expect me to install and run Windows inside VirtualBox on an Atom N450 processor with 1GB RAM, do you?