One Thing Leads To Another

by James Classen

So my Kindle reappeared today. It’s quite possible I missed it, despite thinking I had turned the place upside down, but it’s here, undamaged, ready for reading, though I doubt I’ll be doing much of that.

I have the work laptop here. Let me tell you how convoluted something can get. I connect first to a WiFi network, through Citrix Receiver, to a terminal server either in Dallas or Providence, use that computer to start a remote desktop session with my work computer in Wichita. That’s bad enough (had to do that three times today to get various e-mails). If I didn’t happen to have the proper cable, I would have then used that machine to start a WebEx session with the computer in Manhattan, Kansas, a mere two feet from the starting point. Good thing we found a cable, because that would’ve been nuts. And all of that would stem from the fact that I can’t attach USB removable storage to this machine due to “security concerns”. Despite the fact that the higher capacity devices identify themselves as internal storage, and are thus exempt from the restriction. Totally ridiculous.

A couple of quick restaurant reviews—and I’ll note that some bits only apply to the particular location I visited, but:

  • La Fiesta: I’ve been here once before, but for whatever reason didn’t order my standard choices at a Mexican place. Started with the queso something-or-other, to go with the chips, then ordered their enchilada sampler. The queso bowl was quite enormous, and would have served at least three quite well. The enchilada sampler contained five enchiladas. Five. Covered with enchilada sauce, piled high with shredded lettuce (covered with it, in fact), topped with shredded cheese and sour cream. I managed to get about half the plate eaten. But it was most delicious.
  • Gambino’s Pizza: fairly established franchise, and I was looking for something just a little bit different from Pizza Hut or other “standard” fare, some place I hadn’t been before. Their buffet was priced the same as Pizza Hut, but their selection was severely lacking. Their table had room for 8 pizzas. One was their dessert pizza, one was their cheesy bread, five were sausage pizzas, and one was a “bacon cheeseburger” pizza. Seriously? And there were no more than 6 customers in the shop at any one time while I was there. Try a bit of variety, and put out some pepperoni, which seems to be the undisputed most popular pizza topping in the country.
  • Noodles & Company: I had never visited one of these before tonight. Overall, I was quite pleased. The side Caesar salad was small, but to my mind had the right crouton-to-romaine ratio. Besides, my pasta was ready before I finished the small salad anyway. I ordered the Wisconson mac & cheese with Parmesan crusted chicken breast, and it was delicious. Much like last night’s dinner, I was unable to finish, as they served far more than I expected. I did notice that they charged slightly more tax than other restaurants in the area, however: 9.00% instead of the typical 8.55% in the city. Whether this needs to be investigated by someone who cares about their nickel more than I do, or if they got special dispensation by the city government for filling the spot in the new shopping center, I don’t know.