by James Classen

So I’m in Manhattan for the third time in three weeks. Could have (and probably should have) stayed here over the weekend, but hindsight is 20/20, and the weekend at home wasn’t a total waste of time.

For instance, I finally got Windows 7 installed on my netbook. I did this primarily so I could watch Netflix on a screen slightly larger than 4.8″ (though admittedly much smaller than the 42″ at home). 10.1″ is significantly easier on the eyes, however I’ve noticed that the performance of Silverlight leaves much to be desired. The audio and video have a tendency to get out of sync (the video is slow), and only occasionally will the video “catch up”—though not by a single jump, or a stop to buffer, but by skipping frames: the video appears to go 2–3× faster for a few seconds, then back to normal.

I’ve tried to get a few other things installed on here, but with Sourceforge down at the moment, I can’t get wxPython or py2exe. Besides, without access to the Cessna network, I don’t have the source code I need anyway. The VPN software on the other machine will do the job, and I’ll work with that tomorrow.