About the Blog

This blog, like South Park, shouldn’t be viewed by anyone. But it’s here as a repository of those thoughts I wish to share with, well, someone. Apparently you’re that person. *waves*

The name comes from a book I read in college, “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. While I may no longer aspire to the values espoused by the author, or certainly not to that degree, it had me thinking about my identity. College is the time to do that, it seems. And my “name” was an allusion to the changed names of figures in the Bible: Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Saul to Paul, Jacob to Israel, Simon to Peter, Joseph to Barnabus. Thus, “finding my name” was a reference to me searching for my identity in Christ. The domain name was my first, a birthday present to myself.

Despite the origins of the name, the blog has rarely, if ever, had stories about my spiritual journey. It’s a collection of unconnected musings, rants, a bit of math, physics, and science, with stories of my life thrown in for that nice, bland flavorlessness. While it’s mostly for me, all comers are welcome.